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Your Voice is an online research panel set up by Origin Energy.

Origin Energy is Australia's leading integrated energy company. We believe it's critical that we understand what's important to Australians, so that we can make good decisions.

We're out exploring, generating and buying energy fresh, every day, in order to meet the needs and expectations of all those interested in our business – and that means you!

By becoming a member (or "Bright Spark" as we like to call you!), you'll be able to get involved and share your views by talking to us about a broad range of topics.

By exploring our world, your views will help shape and influence all things energy!

Our surveys and activities cover a broad range of areas and interests, tailored to you, so there is bound to be something that sparks your interest!

Also, there's plenty in it for you – check out our What's in it for me? section

All activities are optional but we would love you to participate as much as possible!

A wide range of activities will be running throughout the year:

  • Light bulbs! – these are quick questions that change every week or so, and are a super cool way to see how your fellow Bright Sparks think!
  • Surveys and Questionnaires – these are longer activities that might ask for your opinions, perceptions and answers on events, brands, products and any other questions we have for you.
  • Online Discussions – these take place in the forum, and are a great way for you to interact with your fellow Bright Sparks, plus the Your Voice community managers! These usually require more time commitment – a couple of hours over a day (or two or three) – and you will be rewarded accordingly!
  • Creative sessions – these sessions will be more deeply involved. Some creative thinking will be required as we work together to build a new idea.
  • Video and photo feedback – some times we will want you to bring us into your world by taking a photo or video. These are completely optional and you can choose what you film.

First things first you get to share your thoughts and help shape the future of Origin Energy.

Secondly there are plenty of incentives in the community for you. When you first sign up and complete the ‘Getting to know you survey' you will earn your first $10!

Next there is a points system where when you complete tasks you will earn points based on the length and complexity of the task. The points that you earn are then used by Your Voice to ensure you are eligible for the $10 per month additional incentive.

On top of that we will have bonus prizes throughout your time where your points will give you a chance to score extra money, gifts or bonus services.

Any questions just email us!

Within our Your Voice team, we have a dedicated team of insights managers who read all of your ideas and comments.

As they read them, they'll consolidate your opinions (no matter whether your idea is similar or different to others!), as well as the most innovative ideas. They'll then report on and present these to key decision makers at Origin Energy, who will then determine how we put your opinions to work.

Rest assured, your opinions are maintained in complete confidence and will not be associated with your name.

If we implement your idea, we may give you credit on the site, but we won't be compensating customers if their ideas are chosen.

When you register to use the site, you will create a screen name and that will be your name when you post ideas and comments.

Keep in mind that your ideas will be posted on the forum can be viewed by any visitor – so pick a screen name that you are happy with others seeing!

When you complete a private survey your ideas will be protected and private.

We take the upmost care with your privacy and to learn more about our privacy policy for Your Voice, read our Privacy Policy.

There are certain house rules should you choose to join Your Voice.

First thing's first, common sense is king; for example, please don't give out your private information to just anyone on the site.

Secondly, Your Voice is an open forum for ideas and honest discussion. That said we wont accept swearing and bullying of any kind. Defamatory, discriminating or unlawful posts will be removed from the site and users that repeatedly post inappropriate conduct will be asked not to post at all.

To report an offensive posting, email us at: support@originvoice.com.au

Apart from these conditions, the floor is yours.

The information we share with you is confidential; we don't want the information on this site shouted from the rooftops (or on Facebook or Twitter!).

So, whilst we appreciate every person's opinions, please remember that this is a confidential space.

If you no longer wish to receive communication from us and wish to cancel your Your Voice membership, please simply send us an email with the word ‘unsubscribe' in the subject for us to cancel your membership.

Click here to send an email.

If you need any help, simply drop us an email at support@your-voice.com.au and we'll get back to you!